Epomaker Alice

Update #2 New Change to Epomaker Alice!

by Freya Tong on Sep 24, 2022

Dear Supporters, 


There will be two changes on the Epomaker Alice!

First thing of the first is that the PCB will be installed with south-facing LEDs, as we have received much feedbacks regarding the LEDs orientation. Another change is that underglows will be added to the keyboard, so it will be more shining with the transparent acrylic case.

Some of you may worry that the original shipping time would be delayed because of the improvement. Please don’t be worried about that. We will still arrange shipment for you at the end of October and will keep you updated.
Thank you so much for your feedback. Our community power always motivates us to make better products. We hope we can grow up together with all of you and become better!

Stay tuned!



Epomaker Team