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Unlock the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Ajazz AJ199 is a gaming mouse that combines the best of both wired and wireless technology to offer unparalleled flexibility and performance. Designed for gamers who refuse to compromise, the AJ199 promises a smooth, responsive, and immersive experience across a range of gaming genres.

Wired & Wireless Modes: Choose Your Battle Style

The Ajazz AJ199 offers dual connectivity options to suit your playstyle. For zero-latency and uninterrupted gameplay, the wired mode provides a stable and fast connection, making it perfect for competitive gaming scenarios where every millisecond counts; for those who want freedom from cables, the AJ199 features high-speed wireless connectivity that doesn't sacrifice performance. Game, browse, or work without any limitations.

High-Precision Sensor: Aim with Confidence

Equipped with the advanced PixArt PAW3395 optical sensor, the AJ199 offers pin-point accuracy and customizable DPI settings that is from 100 to 26000 DPI, fast response with 650 IPS and a high polling rate of 1000Hz. Whether you're sniping from a distance or engaged in close-quarters combat, this mouse has got you covered.

TTC Encoder Wheel: Scrolling Redefined

One of the standout features of the AJ199 is its TTC Encoder Wheel. Engineered for both durability and precision, this high-quality encoder provides a tactile and responsive scrolling experience. Whether you're cycling through weapons, zooming in on a map, or simply browsing, the TTC Encoder Wheel offers accuracy and reliability at your fingertips.

Ergonomic Design: Game in Comfort

The AJ199 goes above and beyond with its replaceable honeycomb shell, allowing you to easily switch between different shells for both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic comfort. The honeycomb design provides a lightweight feel without compromising durability, ensuring hours of comfortable gaming. Underneath the shell, the USB receiver can be stored inside when you don't need it. Whether you want a sleek, solid cover or a breathable honeycomb surface, the AJ199 caters to your preferences.

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