CIDOO Silent Blue Switch

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Visual Design

The CIDOO Silent Blue Switch boasts a minimalist design with its soothing blue stem housed within a cream-colored base. The color contrast is a visual treat, reminiscent of a clear sky resting above a sandy shore, bringing a sense of calm to any desk setup.

Material Build

Constructed with a nylon housing for sturdiness and a POM stem for frictionless motion, the switch is reinforced with a 15mm spring and 5-pin anchoring to enhance stability and longevity. True to its name, the Silent Blue Switch reduces noise significantly, making it ideal for quiet environments and for gamers who wish to avoid disturbing others during nighttime play.

Technical Specifications

In terms of performance, the CIDOO Silent Blue Switch offers a 3.8mm total travel with a slight variance, a 2.0mm pre-travel for quick engagement, and an operating force that averages at 47gf. This translates to a responsive yet gentle typing feel, reliable over a lifespan of 1000 million keystrokes.

Technical Specifications

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