Coolkiller Summer Lemon Keycaps

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Coolkiller Summer Lemon keycaps is made of imported high-permeability and high-hardness PC material, which is as crystal clear as ice cubes in lemonade, and is not easy to oxidize and turn yellow. It adopts the sa height which is rare in the market, which can help you protect the health of your wrist. It has no ribs, which further enhances the translucency.

SA Profile

The human hand feels comfortable.It can protect the health of your wrist, arm and spine when you use it. It can effectively prevent them from being harmed.

Pc Materia

Transparent keycaps will help you achieve better lighting effects. Let your keyboard shine when you use the light.

142Keys Full Set

Compatible with most of the arrays on the market.This will make it easy for you to DIY your exclusive keyboard. And has a good typing experience.


It has no ribs, which further enhances the translucency.Let you have a better atmosphere when playing games with the keyboard.

Pretty Colour

The design of this keycap is lemon color, and has a lot of cute little patterns. When you use this keycap, you feel like you are on a summer beach, enjoying a leisurely time with a glass of lemonade in your hand.

Technical Specifications

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