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Introducing the EPOMAKER x AULA F68, a mechanical keyboard that perfectly blends transparent design with advanced technology, catering to both aesthetics and high-performance needs.

Elegant Transparent Design

The F68’s transparent design brings a modern and sleek look to your daily setup. Available in several color options, it allows you to choose the perfect match for your personal style and workspace aesthetic.

Full-Key Hot-Swappable Customization

Customize your typing experience with the F68’s full-key hot-swappability. Compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches, this keyboard offers endless possibilities to tailor your keystrokes to your liking.

Advanced Sound and Shock Absorption

Experience quieter typing with the F68’s two-layer sound-absorbing cotton, Poron foam switch pad, and silicone bottom pad. This combination significantly reduces noise from key strikes, ensuring a purer sound and a more focused typing environment.

Gasket Mounted for Smooth Typing

The F68 features a gasket-mounted structure, providing a quiet and smooth typing experience. Its keyboard plate is integrated directly into the chassis, ensuring a stable and wobble-free operation, enhancing every keystroke.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Enjoy the flexibility of connectivity with the F68’s Bluetooth 5.0, ultra-fast stable 2.4GHz wireless, and Type-C wired modes. This triple-mode functionality ensures reliable connection across various devices and platforms.

Dynamic RGB Lighting Effects

Immerse yourself in the F68’s vibrant RGB lighting effects, complete with music rhythm synchronization. Customize the lighting to match your game’s audio or your favorite tunes, creating a personalized and immersive atmosphere.

Specifications for Custom Switch
LEOBOG Icesoul Switch
  • Type: Tactile
  • Pre-travel: 1.7mm
  • Total Travel: 3.6mm
  • Actuation Force: 30±3 gf
  • Initial Force: 49gf Min
  • Bottom Force: 45gf
  • Technical Specifications

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