Epomaker EK21-X VIA

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Coming SoonComing SoonEPOMAKER EK21-X Numpad

The EK21-X, a marvel of engineering and design, presents itself as a compact powerhouse encased in anodized aluminum alloy shell, offering both durability and a sleek aesthetic that captures the essence of modern computing. Beyond its robust exterior, this small number pad boasts VIA compatibility, providing unparalleled customization. Users can easily program macros, adjust key mappings, and personalize RGB lighting to suit their needs, making it not just a tool, but a personalized extension of their digital experience. Let comfort, customization, and superior performance become the cornerstones of your work routine.

Five Layers Padding for Acoustic Excellence

Crafted for both comfort and acoustic performance, the EK21-X integrates two bottom layers with a sandwiched foam structure and an IXPE switch pad, topped off with a sound dampening pad. This sophisticated five-layer padding not only ensures a cushioned, strain-free typing experience but also significantly reduces noise, allowing for focused, effortless, and precise typing. Wave goodbye to fatigue and unwanted distractions as you embrace a quieter, more comfortable keyboard experience.

Aluminum Alloy Shell & Precisely Tuned Stabilizers

The EK21-X, with its aluminum alloy case, offers enhanced control and a sophisticated touch. Its premium knob construction elevates the numpad's aesthetic and facilitates smooth, accurate adjustments. Further refined by precisely tuned stabilizers, the EK21-X guarantees uniform and gratifying keystrokes, eliminating the frustrations of wobbly or uneven typing.

VIA Programmable

As a response to the community, the EK21-X numpad is programmable by VIA, providing you with the freedom to customize and personalize every key to suit your workflow and preferences. Create complex macros, remap keys, and fine-tune your typing experience effortlessly using the intuitive VIA software. Take control and optimize your productivity like never before.

Gasket-mounted Wireless Number Pad

The innovative Gasket-mounted structure sets the EK21-X wireless keypad apart by providing a typing experience that is as whisper-quiet as it is luxuriously soft. Each keystroke is cushioned, minimizing noise and reducing finger strain for an effortlessly smooth workflow. Ideal for both bustling office environments and serene home setups, the EK21-X ensures that your focus remains unbroken by the clatter of keys, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish.

Triple Modes, 1000mAh Large Capacity Battery

The EK21-X offers unmatched flexibility with its triple connectivity options, allowing you to switch effortlessly between wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless modes to suit your setup and preferences. Coupled with a generous 1000mAh battery, it promises long-lasting performance, minimizing the need for regular charging. This ensures you can maintain productivity and enjoy a seamless typing experience all day long.

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