EPOMAKER Lubricant

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Lubricating Switches without Trouble

Epomaker Lubricant is a synthetic grease formulated specifically to enhance mechanical keyboard switches and stabilizers. Optimized for an ideal consistency, the lubricant aims to reach a satisfyingly smooth feeling and maximum acoustic qualities. Epomaker Lubricant is launched for DIYers. Let’s refresh the switches!

Two Options for Different Needs

Epomaker Lubricant consists of two types of lubes. One is XHT-BDZ, which is highly clingy and usually applied to the wires of the stabilizers. Another one is GPL205 GD0, which can be used to lube the switches directly, and it save the fussy to deploy lubes. The lubes are convenient for use, as every 5g of GPL205 GD0 can lube a full keyboard of 108 keys; and every 5g of XHT-BDZ can lube two sets of stabilizers of 108 keyboard.

Perfect for Various Switches

This lube is suitable for lubricating linear, clicky, and tactile mechanical keyboard switches. Do remember to clean and dry the tools after you finish lubricating!


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Technical Specifications

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