EPOMAKER M.ONE Screw-in Stabilizer Set

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Go For The Better

It is time to take your PCBA one step closer to a completed board with a set of EPOMAKER M.ONE Screw-in Stabilizers. Screw-in type stabilizer is proven to be more durable, more stable, better at damping vibrations, and also better at dealing with button rattle. Thus we designed M.ONE stabilizer set in this way.

Compatible with MX Structure Plate

The EPOMAKER Stabilizers are crafted with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps with (X) cross clones. This structure greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switches and remake your own keyboard.

High-Caliber Built with POM Housing, Stainless Steel Wire

The EPOMAKER M.ONE Stabilizers set comes with 4 2Us, 1 7U and 1 6.25U stabilizer for various layouts keyboard in the market. They are refinedly tuned with stainless steel wire, which reduces the rattle feeling and sound. With POM housing, the stabilizer makes sure of the durability and presents a pleasing typing experience

Transparent Colored Housing

The Next Time Mint Candy Plate mounted Stabilizers are designed in clear green color scheme. All of them are crafted with see-through housing, which provides more fun feature and options for DIYers. Make your keyboard colorful with the stabs decoration!

Extra Shim Included

The stabilizer itself is a very important component on a mechanical keyboard to maintain the balanced of large keys such as the Spacebar, Enter, Backspace... Additionally, EPOMAKER includes extra shims for you to maximize the performance of the stabilizer so that it can work more perfectly.

Technical Specifications

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