EPOMAKER Smokey Grey Keycaps Set

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Classic Smokey Grey Color Theme

The EPOMAKER Smokey Grey 133-Key Keycap Set is an excellent choice for gamers and computer enthusiasts who want to upgrade their mechanical gaming keyboards. These keycaps are designed to fit keyboards with an ANSI layout, which is the standard layout used in most keyboards in the United States. For those who use an L-shape large Enter key, this set also meet your demand! The smokey grey color of the keycaps adds a sleek, modern aesthetic that enhances the overall look of the keyboard.

Double-shot on PBT

Manufactured from double-shot PBT plastic, these keycaps are built for durability and long-lasting performance. PBT plastic is known for its resistance to shine and wear over time, making it ideal for heavy usage. The double-shot molding process ensures that the legends (the printed characters on the keys) are crisp and clear and will not fade away or wear out even after intense gaming sessions.

Side-printed and Shine-through

One of the unique aspects of this keycap set is the side-printed legends. Instead of being printed on the top, the legends are located on the front side of each keycap. This design choice helps minimize the wear on the legends since they do not come into direct contact with fingers during typing or gaming. Additionally, side-printing allows for a cleaner and more minimalist appearance on the keycap tops, appealing to users who prefer a sleek, uncluttered look.

Ergonomic in Cherry Profile

The keycaps feature a Cherry profile, which is a time-tested profile found on many stock keyboards. This profile is preferred by many typing enthusiasts and gamers for its ergonomic benefits and superior comfort during long typing sessions. It also contributes to a smoother transition between keys, which can enhance typing speed and accuracy.

133-Key Set for Full Compatibility

Designed to adorn a spectrum of keyboard sizes, the EPOMAKER Smokey Grey Keycap Set is compatible with 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL (Tenkeyless), 96%, 1800-compact, and full-size ANSI keyboards. Whether you own a compact keyboard or a full-size layout, these keycaps fit seamlessly, making them a versatile choice for keyboard enthusiasts everywhere.

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