LEOBOG Ink Crystal Switch V3

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LEOBOG Ink Crystal Tactile Switch V3

Light up your keyboard with the LEOBOG Ink Crystal Switch V3. These tactile switches start with a gentle resistance of 62g, building to a satisfying bump at 50g for that perfect feedback on actuation. They bottom out at a firm 64g, giving you the precision you need for focused typing. Plus, their clear design means your keyboard's RGB lights will sparkle through, making every keypress a visually stunning experience.


The LEOBOG Ink Crystal Switches V3 are designed to be compatible with the general MX structure, fitting most keycap sets with an (X) cross stem. This feature enhances their versatility, allowing for easy switch replacement and keyboard customization.


The LEOBOG Ink Crystal Switch V3, stands out with its POM stem and PC housings. The POM stem ensures a smooth, low-friction keystroke, enhancing both the feel and longevity of the switch. PC housings add to this by offering a clear and distinct sound, complementing the tactile feedback with auditory satisfaction.

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