Skyloong GK87 PRO Lite

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Interactive 1.14-inch TFT-LCD Screen

The GK87 PRO Lite is more than just a keyboard; it features a 1.14-inch TFT-LCD interactive color screen that displays time, connection mode, system switches, and allows for customization through drivers to upload personal images and GIFs. This smart feature enhances both functionality and enjoyment, making it a standout choice for modern tech enthusiasts.

Hot-Swappable Design: 3Pin/5Pin Compatibility

Unlock unparalleled customization with the GK87 PRO Lite Keyboard, featuring hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy switches replacement without the need for soldering. Compatible with both 3Pin and 5Pin switches, this design lets you tailor your typing experience to suit your preferences with minimal effort and maximum convenience.

Versatile Space Bar Options

Enhance your typing efficiency and comfort with the GK87 PRO Lite's unique ability to interchange the long space bar with dual space bars. This feature provides flexibility for ergonomic setups and caters to both aesthetic and functional typing preferences.

Dual System Compatibility

Seamlessly switch between Windows and Mac operating systems with the GK87 PRO Lite Keyboard. Designed to accommodate the needs of diverse users, this keyboard ensures compatibility and optimized functionality across major computer platforms.

Triple Mode Connectivity

Stay connected in every situation with the GK87 PRO Lite's three-mode connectivity options including Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G wireless, and Type-C wired. The keyboard supports multi-device pairing, allowing you to switch effortlessly between devices with just one click.

Magnetic Metal Accent Plate

Elevate the aesthetics of your setup with the GK87 PRO Lite Keyboard's innovative magnetic metal accent plate. This easily attachable feature enhances the visual appeal of your keyboard while providing a sleek and modern look.

Technical Specifications

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