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QMK/VIA Support for Advanced Customization

This SKYLOONG GK87 supports both QMK and VIA, allowing for unparalleled customization. Remap keys, program macros, and fine-tune your typing experience down to the smallest detail. These powerful tools unlock a world of possibilities, making it ideal for users who want total control over their keyboard's functionality.

Custom Mechanical Switches & 5-pin Hot-swappable

Equipped with Gateron and Epomaker custom switches known for their reliability and satisfying tactile feedback, the GK87 QMK/VIA ensures a premium typing experience. The hot-swappable feature allows you to change switches without soldering, offering the flexibility to experiment with different switch types and find your perfect typing feel.

Three Rotary Knobs for Enhanced Control

Unique to the GK87 QMK/VIA are its three programmable rotary knobs. These knobs add an extra layer of functionality, from volume control and media navigation to any custom command you choose, providing convenient access right at your fingertips.

Ergonomic & Programmable Split-Spacebar Design

At the forefront of the GK87’s design is the innovative split-spacebar. This ergonomic feature is a game-changer, offering a more natural hand position while typing. The split design not only eases wrist strain but also provides additional keys that can be customized for frequently used functions, enhancing your productivity without compromising on comfort.

Programmable & Compatible with Win/Mac OS

The GK87 QMK/VIA keyboard is designed for compatible with both Win and Mac OS. With the VIA software, you can create macros and remap the keys and even the knob freely. The built-in flash memory makes sure to save the setting at offline mode. No worries of losing it.

Technical Specifications

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